Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Escaping Tears

***I'm back - and will be regularly. I apologize profusely for the lonnnnng hiatus. Let me know if you're still here!***

We headed back to his place, where we continued to drink. At the end of next bottle of wine the topic of M finally came up... 

Greg finally braved the topic of M and asked what our deal was. I explained that we had broken up because I moved, and that there were probably some other issues we needed to deal with anyways. But I was skeptical - everyone back home knew we had broken up, and Greg always seemed to know about what was going on in my life through them - I knew he kept tabs on me, in a non-creepy way. 

I ventured the following, "But even without having asked that, didn't you think we were broken up if I was coming here to here to see you. I mean you two..." I was trying my best to sound nonchalant, but the sadness I felt every time I thought of M began to creep into my voice and threatened to betray me.

Greg just sort of smiled at me. "I mean I guessed that you had, but I gave you your own room..."

"For which I am entirely grateful." I was sure to add and forced a laugh to push back the tears that threatened to fill my eyes. 

The topic progressed to his ex-girlfriend Corey. She was a piece of work. I had never liked her. Ever. Which I am sure doesn't surprise anyone. But I swear, she was actually awful. Case and point: she didn't go to school in the same city as Greg and I, so whenever she came to visit I made sure to include her in loads of plans and told her if she needed anything to let me know. On several occasions I invited her out just the two of us for coffee in case she needed a break from all the testosterone (Greg lived with 6 boys). She always declined. Finally she came up to me one night, completely out of the blue and said "I don't want to be your friend. Please, stop trying. You're pathetic." Can you say bitch alert!?

After Greg's mom got ill and he decided he was going to go stay with her. He told Corey that they would need to take some space since he would be moving overseas for a bit to take care of his mom. Apparently, she decided 'space' meant a full fledged break up and within a week of his departure was sleeping with someone else. But that story is a whole other can of skanky worms and I digress...

Greg was bitter and furious with Corey, and I was just really sad and confused about M. What ensued was two very drunk people, who were very messed up over their past relationships, trying to leave all the bad feelings behind. 

More alcohol was imbibed. We tried to change the subject. We talked about our families and ended up in a bizarro game of whose family would like the other better. I was adamant that I charmed the pants of parents and grandparents without even trying, and Greg was convinced that my grandmother would fall madly in love with him and insist that he was the best person in the world. We were laughing and having a good time. Greg's grandparents lived in Hungary and he invited me to go meet them to make good on my claims. 

What started off as a silly game began to feel awfully intimate and after another glass of wine or two, Greg began to tell me how he still had feelings for me and that he was so happy I came to see him. 

As a response I began to cry. The tears I was holding back earlier finally escaped.

"I just don't understand why he doesn't want to talk to me." I sobbed.

Greg responded, without missing a beat, "I just can't stand that anyone would ever make you this sad.  You're even beautiful when you cry."

I looked up and he caught me off guard and kissed me. I was both surprised and confused. 

Within seconds we were all over each other...


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